Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede is the greatest outdoor show on earth. It's a 10 day event that starts today. People all over the city dress up as cowboys. Free breakfast in most establishments during this 10-day event. There's shows like rodeo, chuck wagon races and concerts, entertainment, midway rides and games... and a whole lot more.

Since today is the first day of the Stampede, there's a parade schedule to go in downtown. I was told that we have to be there at least 2 hours before the start so that we could get a good spot. When my kids heard about this, they beg not to go. Oh well.

Sunday is family day. So it means it's free entrance to the Stampede ground, you just have to be there really early! Sad to say, it's the start of my new shift at work, so I can't go.

Next Wednesday will be kids' day. It means kids are free! 2 years ago, we went on our first Stampede during kids' day. I remember it being so crowded, long line ups, but the kids had so much fun.

Calgary is also known as the Heart of the New West.

Our little cowboys and cowgirls all ready for a day at the Stampede ground.

Pictures taken from Calgary Stampede in 2007.
We just finished our free breakfast and getting ready to start the day at the Stampede ground.

For those who are planning to visit Calgary, please come during Stampede days. It's a new experience that you will definitely enjoy.


Junnie said...

I saw the pic of Mike and William at the First day of the Stampede. Kakainggit :) !@ wish we were there!

Raquel said...

ang gaganda ng outfit nila, cowboy na cowboy.

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

Nothing says "Stampede" like Star Wars Storm Troopers! Lol...

I'll bet it was a lot of fun at the Stampede, though! I understand there is lots of really good food, too.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Did you know that we've been here for almost 3 years and you still haven't drop by?

Hi Raquel,
Cute nila no?

Hi Anneke,
Thanks! Free breakfast are just usually pancakes and sausages, sometimes burgers. That's it.

Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like a great and fun event. Thanks for sharing these photos.

tin said...

fun photos, jo!

Ms. Latina said...

Looks like such a great event!

JO said...

Thanks Rach, Tin and Ms Latina.