I only work twice a week, and every time I go to work, there's always something new. And those "something new" are not good news at all.

For you to be a certified officer, one need to go through levels of training. And once you failed, you are out. So what happen to one person who failed the first level of training? Next thing we know she's one of our Manager. A manager who doesn't know how the operation works and therefore cannot make the right decision.

Last Sunday, a supervisor causes a breach. She got suspended, which is the next course of action. Today, I found out she was promoted as one of our Manager.

What the hell is going on with the company? You screw up and they promote you? On the other hand, we do have some qualified officers, who knows the operations, and yet get rejected when they applied for the Manager position.

This is precisely why I prefer to stay part-time. The less I see of them or of what's happening, the better for me. I am only here because of the benefits. I need the benefits. And of course because of the friends that I've made.

The job itself is not hard. It's pretty easy even though there are risk involve. It is also fun at times. It should also be a stress-free job unless you got a very difficult passenger. But our Managers are the one giving us stress all the time by changing the rules as they see fit. By being heartless and unconcern when it comes to their officers who are the front line of their operations.

Take for example those people who are not feeling well and is requesting to go home early. The Managers, who are NOT doctors, will evaluate the officer and if that officer doesn't look sick to them, they will not let you go home early. How inhuman is that? I know that there are some people who will make excuses just to go home early for whatever reason, but there are also people who will never make up excuses.

Mistakes of the minority... suffered by the majority.


Raquel said...

Those of the "something new" is to keep you going and challenge.

You see their lapses because you're a good and hard worker. Sa atin kase sa pinas, we don't take it for granted when it comes to our job.


Tani said...

Who evaluates the employees? How come they don't see the ineptitude of some?

Heart of Rachel said...

It's really a shame when good and deserving people are taken for granted.

Mich said...

wow, even if you're part time you still get benefits? you're really lucky! ;)
thanks for dropping by!

tin said...

i don't miss work politics at all, jo. i'm also aiming to work part time when my kids get a bit older. :)

JO said...

Corporate politics - I just hate them!

Oh well... the company's contract is up for renewal in spring. Hope the current company will lose in the bidding so we can move to a new management.