First day of school

Yesterday was the first day of school. My daughter is in grade 4 and she's enjoying riding the school bus by herself. She felt like a grown-up already. No more big brother on the bus with her.

My son is in Junior High and he is taking the public transit now. I didn't want him to ride the bus from home all the way to school. This will mean he will have to commute for over an hour with 2 connecting buses. This will also mean that he will have to leave the house at 7am everyday. No way am I going to let him commute like that during winter time.

This is our arrangement - I drop him off at the bus terminal and from there he will just need to take one bus to school. This is a special service bus exclusively for the students in his school. And later in the afternoon, I will pick him up from the same terminal. I gave him my old cellphone so we could communicate in case there's a delay or any emergency.

I still don't know how much to give him as allowance, but his wallet started with a $5 in change. Out of that, he already spent $1.75 for chips yesterday. I have yet to see what he will spent on today. Maybe $5 is too much for him. Or maybe I should just give him money when he needed it?

I don't remember getting an allowance when I was in high school. Our house was walking distance from school so I go home for lunch everyday. And whenever I needed money, I just ask for it.


Raquel said...

More responsibility for them huh?! Wow, 2 connecting buses and more than an hour to get there. Malayo yan.

Modern Mom said...

That's a pretty good arrangement. Over an hour with 2 connecting buses sounds pretty far. Kawawa naman ang bata if he had to leave too early.

Anonymous said...

i give my son 20 a week...hes going 2 grade 10.10 mins walk 2 schoo so no bus,he will buy lunch at school coz i think he will be embarassed to bring "baon" at that grade level,lol.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
I thought I'd be "free" once my kids are older... but not, I'm tied down again.

Hi ModernMom,
Yes, that's why I decided to keep my part time sched.

Anonymous said...

School here in Winnipeg starts next week pa.

I've never given my kids allowance until the oldest one went to university. But then again, my kids just walk to school and they always bring lunch with them.