On allowances

If you want to recapture your youth, just cut off his allowance. ~ Al Bernstein
My son is starting junior high next week and I was wondering how much allowance to give him. He claims that his classmates from grade school gets allowance already and he doesn't.

A friend of mine suggested that I based it on the age. He's 12 so he should get $12/month as allowance. I was expecting her to say $12/week, but she said its $12/month. What do you think?

He will be taking public transit to school part of the way so we will be buying him monthly bus passes. At the same time we will provide him with a prepaid cellphone so we will know where he is or he can call us for any emergency. He will have his lunch with him. Do you really think he still needs to get allowance from us? How much is not too much?


ProdigalWife said...

We give Kate (12) $3/week, up from $2/week last year. She says most of the kids at school get a lot more. We don't really like her taking money to school though, but I know she likes "shopping" at the school store. Whatever you decide, may I suggest starting with a weekly rather than monthly allowance or you may get lots of requests for "advances"!

JO said...

Hi ProdigalWife,

Thanks for the tip. Will definitely go with the weekly. Haven't decided on the amount yet.

tin said...

sobra naman 12/mo! ha ha.. depende rin siguro sa eating habits nya or immediate school needs. :)

Junnie said...

Remember we are in Canada. We dont have to spend so much to enjoy. I say make it incentive based and make Patrick learn the value of money.

Base: $ 1 per week
Add: $ 1 weekly if he cleans up room
Add: $ 1 weekly if he washes dishes
Add: $ 1 weekly if no fight with sis
Add: $ 1 weekly if eats his greens
Total $ 5 for everything you want him to do

JO said...

Hi Tin,
Is it? I wanted to make it $5/week. But I need to wait and see first.

Hi Junnie,
Naku, he will complain about doing chores! I gave him $3 to start with and I'll see what he spends it on. Maybe incentive [additional allowance] should be on homework done not chores?

Raquel said...

Oh...I like Junnie's idea.

kyooty said...

will he be expected to buy his "milk" or other stuff at school with his own allowance? if so add that into the figure.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Bought a white board calendar so I can start tracking it down.

Hi Kyooty,
No, he will have his packed lunch everyday. He should have enough for lunch and snack.