Wordless and Watery Wednesday: Lake Minnewanka

Last Friday, me and my 3 girl friends went out on a day trip! We just wanted to get away from our city life and work. We headed for Lake Minnewanka.

Another family friend of mine whose kids are my kids best friends decided to take my kids to Sylvan Lake that same day. So it worked out just fine. This is a very rare occasion where I get to go out without having to worry about my kids.

Lake Minnewanka

and Johnson Lake @ Banff National Park

Here's a picture of the lake in winter with the heart in the middle of the lake.

This is my entry for and and !!!


Polzic said...

Hello, do you have a very nice blog!

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Sara Chapman in Seattle said...

The photos of the lake are wonderful. I bet you had a great time.

Polzic said...

i have to put the "trasnlater" tool in my blog, but i always forgot!

So everyone can understand!

Thanx for your visit!

Anya said...

Wonderful place to be,
fantastic pictures :)

magnus said...

Wonderful pictures, i love water and would love to go there.

Have a nice day.

irina said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Happy WW!


Dora said...

What a scenic place. Esp like the last pic!

Bernie said...

Looks very peaceful indeed, maybe what I need after loosing my wife?!?!?

Great shots. Mine is up as well at AussiePomm, have a great WW!!

Sasha said...

Beautiful photos! It's amazing how it looks like in winter time.

Junnie said...

I sait it before and I will say it again...the pics look like paintings! Beautiful!

Bridgette said...


JO said...

Thank you all for your nice words.

Does these pictures make you wanna come and visit us???

Cafe au Lait said...

Breathtaking views!

Raquel said...

Ang ganda ng scenery, Jo. You did a good job! Meron din kayang naliligo jan?

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes, you can take a dip but not really swimming like we do in the Philippines. We didn't take a dip though so I don't know how cold is the water.