It's not T.G.I.F. but it's G.I.F.T.

I had a wonderful evening last night... just simple dinner at home with some friends.

We had a friend who sort of drifted away from us due to some incident [which I don't want to elaborate]. And though we tried to assure her through phone calls that we never judged her action, she had stayed away from us for 3 months.

Yesterday, we finally convinced her to come for a small get together. There's just 8 of us but we had a blast. We thought that if we started a small group, she will be more comfortable. And it's like nothing had happened. And I hope that she will stay close this time. Work is not the same without her.

Sometimes when we are down, we need to have our friends nearby. We need a shoulder to cry on. We wanted her to know that we will always be her friends, no matter what. I just hope that Friday made her realize that we didn't abandon her.

This picture was taken from my housewarming party last March 2009.

Junnie mentioned in Facebook that it's not T.G.I.F. anymore... but G.I.F.T. [God, its Friday, ThankYou!] --- Thank you for good food and drinks. Thank you for Friday nights. Thank you for second chances. Best of all, thank you for the gift of friendship!


Junnie said...

Yes it is! The source of all good things is GOD.

That was great gesture to bring a friend back into the fold. Iba talaga when you have the support system around you.

I love the house JO! Kelan kaya kami makakapunta?

Anonymous said...

how lovely!

God has lovely ways!


JO said...

Hi Junnie,
You know you're welcome anytime!!! I need Mitzi's decorating talent to organize our home. Still waiting...

Hi Shraddha,