Life's like that

It's going to be one busy week for me and the rest of the upcoming months... I decided to take some photography classes and it starts this Wednesday. And I'm also seeing a Chiropractor for my sore back.

After school activities for my kids starts this week too. Tuesday's it's skating time for Patricia. Wednesday is swimming day for Patrick and Thursday is swimming and piano for Patricia. Patrick is trying out for their school's volleyball team, I hope he makes it and I hope it won't be in any conflict with our current activities.

I have a friend whose niece is celebrating her 18th birthday this month. They were looking for a photographer and I volunteered. They were here last night to see samples of my pictures. I'm not a pro, they know that. But in order to save, they may have to settle for an amateur like me. I know that my pictures still needs improvements, that's why I'm taking classes, but I'm quite happy with them. And I know that a few of my friends are happy too when I made them a photo book of our summer activities. I've done 5 photo books already [2 birthdays and 3 outings], all for friends. And I've been picking pictures of my kids so that I can make one for them.

Bad news -- Julian died. He just stopped swimming one day. He has been with us for 255 days only. My daughter wanted me to take him to the pet store to be looked at or the vet. She's really sad when she had to flush him down the toilet. Anyway, I ask her if she wanted another fish, but she said no, she wanted a cat or a dog this time. I don't think so!

I also decided to go back to volunteering at my kids' school. If you haven't read it, here's my first experience as a volunteer.

It may seem that I have tons of time on my hand since I only work part-time, but I honestly don't know where time goes.

"Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner,
love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling.
Maybe life is not the party that we were expecting,
but in the mean time, we're here and we can still dance....."


Raquel said...

Kawawa naman si Julian.

Yay, delikado ang gusto ni Patricia. Mamahalin yan especially the maintenance. Btw, i don't allow pets if my house. I like dogs but not to be the owner.

Anonymous said...

Poor Julian. Maybe someday, Patricia will get her pet wish. :)

It's great that you're able to volunteer in her school. Looks like you got a great workout by hiking.

Good luck with your photography. Don't forget to take pictures of the birthday knick-knacks. Some candid moments of the birthday girl captured on film will also be great.

I like the quote. :)

Hope all is well.

fennymun said...

yes, life is short.....

Jew Wishes said...

Lovely shots!

Pat said...

Sometimes working part time means you just cram in more stuff during your day! I worked part time while my kids were growing up. AND I did a LOT of volunteer work at their school, like was the PTA president for a couple of years, wrote the school newsletter for 8 years, helped out in the classrooms, etc. Whew! But once they hit high school, I stopped volunteering. I was also going to college part time during all that! Just call me Wonder Woman - I just didn't wear any metal boobies!!

Now my kids are grown and gone and I have all the time on my hands. I am taking a photography course through NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) - you take the tests on line and mail in 2 projects. They mail you your class materials to read and listen to. It's not a bad class; I am learning some things. The CD's are difficult to listen to, though, because it's two teachers having a conversation, instead of one person lecturing. It gets pretty boring at times.

I also took some digital photography classes through Ritz/Wolf camera where I bought my Nikon. Anywhere I can get photography knowledge is a good thing. It's just hard to teach this old dog new tricks! LOL!

d3nd3n said...

Hi Jo!

wow, v busy schedule ahead. good luck with the photography class. i've always wanted to enrol in one but never got round to doing it. *hay*

btw, great quote. ingats :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes, taking care of a pet is like taking care of another child. You still have to spend time taking care of it.

Hi Tani,
Probably, when she is old enough to have a place of her own. LOL. Thanks for the tips.

Hi Fenny and Jew!

Hi Pat,
I don't see myself as active as you were. But I can see that my kids love it when I give them more time and attention. I did enjoy my first day in class today and I think it was a good decision to take some lessons.

Jenn Jilks said...

I, too, am an amateur photographer. I have back issues, as well!!!

To become a better photographer make sure you look at excellent photos, and determine why they work. There are a lot of people who publish their wedding photos, for example. The best of luck!

Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

Junnie said...

Am both happy and sad for you:

Happy that you are taking those Photography class despite the high parking lot fees.

Sad that the fish had to die.

JO said...

Hi Jenn,
Oh yes. My time on the internet now is spent on reading and looking at professional photos.

Hi Junnie,