Never Again!

When my son started schooling here in Canada, I volunteered a lot at his school. I always have my daughter with me since she's only a toddler then but she never gave me trouble.

When it was her turn to start grade 1, I decided to work full time, hence, I was not able to volunteer for her class anymore. She would always ask me to volunteer on field trips but I just can't with my schedule. And I can see that she's disappointed.

Now that I am a full time "family driver" for my kids and only works part-time, I told my daughter that I can volunteer. Today, was her first field trip and we went to a Conservation area to learn about Ecological Footprint. We went on a 3 kms hiking for over 3.5 hours! There's break in between but the hike was killing me.

I am really out of shape! I can almost feel myself getting dizzy. It's a good thing we reached the top already and I was able to sit down and rest while the kids did some activity. Or else, I honestly don't know what could have happen to me. From then on, its all downhill, so it was easier. It's a good thing it wasn't so hot today and there's breeze.

Next time I volunteer, I'm going to make sure it doesn't involve hiking! Never again! I mean, I can walk all day long, that's not the problem but going uphill is just not my cup of tea.

Here's some pictures of the Conservation area... and a view of downtown Calgary...

Here's the map, we started at the house on the top right corner of the map, walk all the way down to the red dot and then climb up the Rancher's trail all the way to the Mountain View Lookout. From there, it was all downhill till we reached the house again.

This is where we started the hike...

View of downtown Calgary from the Mountain View Lookout and still a good long walk to the house and our bus service.


Raquel said...

Before, I had a steps class at Y, though I don't like it. Makes me dizzy from stepping up and down.

I think school activities are fun. I like the view of the farmland there.

tin said...

me too.. i can't take walking uphill for a long period of time! parusa yun! ha ha

Junnie said...

naku. Dont tell us we're getting older? But that's true, we need some volunteering at some point in time. But not with something involving physical exertion :) ano kaya yun, hehehe

Marlene said...

Children would always feel happy when parents can go with them in their school trip, they feel more proud.

Yay, I don't like hiking either. It must be a long and tiring day for you, the pictures show that way. :-)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes, I can see that Patricia was very happy to see me there and she even chose to walk with me instead of her friends.

Hi Tin,
Good to know that I'm not alone. ",)

Hi Junnie,
Yes, too old for these type of activities.

Hi Marlene,
Yes, you're right.

cafe au lait said...

it's not my cup of tea too. i can walk miles, but not hiking. :)