Our unfinished basement

We have an unfinished basement. And I've been wanting to do some work on it myself with the help of a few friends. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but it's just a waste of space if we just use it as a storage area. And I do feel claustrophobic whenever I'm in the basement.

I've been thinking of something simpler for now. I just want an open layout. Just one big family room with extra closet space. One corner will be for the bathroom [which can be done at a later time], and I just need to put a door for the furnace and laundry. Not really "finished" it but at least make it a livable space. I wanted to put up dry walls and for the flooring, am thinking of vinyl or quarry tiles. I don't like carpet in the basement, and I can't afford hard wood floors. Or maybe I can just leave the floor painted for now.

I can't afford to have the whole basement professional done! But hubby doesn't want me to do it partially too. What to do? Are there any online free software out there that will help me make a blueprint for my basement???