The Perfect Gift

I have a pregnant friend who is due this month and as a surprise for her, I made a "3-tiered diaper cake." Ever heard of it? Obviously it's the "in" thing right now.

I got this idea from Weng and a couple other blogs. And when I google it, there were several videos to show me how to do it, step by step. This really got me excited, so yesterday morning, I went to shop for stuff. And it took me basically the whole afternoon to do it. But it was fun. It still need some final touches, so I have to do a little more shopping later. And once it's done, I will definitely post some pictures here.

I can't wait for Friday when we give this to her. I hope she will like it as much as I love doing it.


Raquel said...

I have been here two weeks ago but I have no enough time to comment. Well, I had no idea about the 3 tiered diaper cake but when I google it, it shows me all the images. Wow, that's pretty cool.