So not worth it!

Remember my photo shoot? Well, it was last Saturday. I only charge them very minimal amount since it's my first time and I'm no pro. They require me to be there at 5:30pm till 10:30pm [5 hours only]. But I stayed till 11:15pm and ended up taking over 600+ pictures.

To do the photo shoot, I had to buy the SB-900 flash which costs me $$$. Well it's an investment so even though it's not fully covered by the fee that they paid me, it was money well spent.

The only problem is my whole right arm got very, very sore!!! My Nikon D90 with the flash can be really heavy if you have to hold on to it for more than 5 hours! So not worth it!

Next time, I should charge more and get me a partner so we can alternate. Or I should stick with our agreement and left at 10:30pm whether we've done the family pictures or not.

Plus I don't like the fact that people complain about "oh, I'm not looking at you"... well, you know I'm your official photographer, so you should have been looking at me instead of looking at the other people's cameras. Right?

Plus I don't like the fact that they want to me take 10 shots for a group of 10. They say that chances are, some people in that group may not be looking at me. I believe that 2 shots per pose is enough! And well, they should know where to look, right?

For the privacy of the people who hired me, I will not be posting any pictures from the party.


Euroangel said...

ooppsss nice mean cam like that is so least you earn some money....hmmm will have to think first of buying it..i'm not a professional photographer anyway..just love to click my cam...thanks for the visit!
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Raquel said...

grabe 10 shots lang.

Jo, i am more interested in people photography since i am in a small city nahihirapan akong maghanap ng subject. Ang ginagawa ko ay uma-attend ako ng wedding tapos dun ako nag sho-shot. Maraming subject sa wedding like bride and groom, family, children, flowers, candles and everything in the wedding.

Or make a plan for photowalk in the street city or somewhere with a buddy of 1 or 2.

I checked your camera model. Wow! Super ganda ng armas mo and I'm sure it's heavy too. [wink]