Gary and Martin in AS1

Last Saturday, me and my friends went to watch the concert of Gary V and Martin N. The concert was great!!! No front acts that normally delays the show. And they started promptly at 6pm.

Concert lasted 3 hours... and even though we were seated at the second to the last row, it was still worth it. The sounds didn't came out right during the first few numbers. I took videos, but as you can see in the pictures below, we were quite far and the videos didn't really turn out quite good.

I have never watched any Gary V concert, but I have been a fan of Martin N since his Penthouse Live days. In this concert, I believe it was Gary V's fans that filled the huge Jubilee Auditorium. He is still very energetic especially when he did Michael Jackson songs and dance moves. He really rocks! And he made Martin dance!!! It's very rare for me to see Martin dance... and he is really funny. But Martin will always be my favorite!