My gift to myself

I decided it's about time that I got myself an external hard drive! I have tons of pictures especially since I got my DSLR and burning them in DVDs doesn't seem to be so reliable in the long term.

So I am now busy moving all my pictures to the external HD and renaming them for easy retrieval. This is definitely going to keep me busy for the next couple of days!

Hope you all have a Prosperous New Year!!!

If you can avoid it

If you can avoid it, postpone your trip to the US for the meantime. And if you can't avoid it, try to lessen your baggage. As of this posting, no carry-on bags are allowed anymore. Every bag has to be checked in. The only exceptions are small purse, laptop bag, medications, infant milk and diapers... click here for more information on CATSA website.

Be aware. Be prepared. Be informed. It is a hassle to travel these days, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

Crazy week at work

I decided to work on boxing day, simply because I have some bills I need to pay and working on a stat holiday pays well. The night before that, I was already hesitant whether I should go to work or just stay home or go to boxing day sale. I decided to go to work. Wrong decision!

It was crazy at work that day! Due to the volume of work, we couldn't even get our proper coffee and lunch breaks. They implemented new procedures without considering the available manpower that they have for that day! Everybody was overworked and under appreciated!

Worst, people were "required" or should I say, "forced" to stay on operational overtime, whether they like it or not! And that is not cool at all.

I am just glad that I have the next 5 days off to rest my poor and tired body.

A Very White Christmas!


Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday Thirteen: Movie Marathon

Last 13 movies that I've seen and my rating

  1. My sisters keeper ***** [cried a bucket]
  2. Hostage ***
  3. Four Christmases ****
  4. Beyond a reasonable doubt ***
  5. P.S. I Love you *****
  6. 2012 ***
  7. The Tournament *** [too violent]
  8. Gamer * [another violent movie]
  9. Love Happens ****
  10. Rise Blood Hunter **
  11. My life in ruins **
  12. Definitely, Maybe **
  13. The Lookout ***

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Wordless Wednesday: Cinderella Castle

Picture taken at Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida, February 2009

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Playing around with a prime lens

I was able to borrow a 50mm lens from my friend's daughter. I was playing around with it this morning since we couldn't go outdoors because of the snow storm.

It was so hard to have my kids pose for me... this is the best that I could get out of them. I still have yet to play around with the white balance. For these pictures, my white balance is set on auto.

Wildlife shooting

My photography class is scheduled to go to the zoo this Sunday to shoot some wildlife from 9am till 12:30pm. And that will also be part of my final assignment which is due in less than 3 weeks. But with the freezing cold that we've been having for the past couple of days, I'm not sure if I can stand being outdoors to do the wildlife shooting. It's in the -20sC right now and we might also get some snow this weekend. I don't want to miss the field trip as I don't want to miss all the tips and tricks that I could learn from our instructor. What should I do???

This is the one time that I wish the chinook would come in and warm up the place for our zoo trip. I honestly don't know what I am doing in a very cold country when I prefer the tropical weather.

5th Blog-niversary!

Wow! I can't believe that this blog turns 5 today!

I am literally running out of things to write about. I mean there's tons that I could blog about work, but I can't, for security and confidentiality reasons.

My husband doesn't want me to blog about my kids or our family a lot too. He claims that our privacy is at stake.

But I still love to blog. And I love making a few bucks here and there every once in awhile. I wish I have the time to blog hop as often as I used to be. Oh well... let's see how long I can keep this blog active.