5th Blog-niversary!

Wow! I can't believe that this blog turns 5 today!

I am literally running out of things to write about. I mean there's tons that I could blog about work, but I can't, for security and confidentiality reasons.

My husband doesn't want me to blog about my kids or our family a lot too. He claims that our privacy is at stake.

But I still love to blog. And I love making a few bucks here and there every once in awhile. I wish I have the time to blog hop as often as I used to be. Oh well... let's see how long I can keep this blog active.


Paula said...

Wow, your blog is five years old already? Congratulations! hehe

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Laura said...

happy blogavversiary!

JO said...

Thanks Paula and Laura for your visit.

Raquel said...

i do feel the same way about family privacy but I really enjoy blogging especially with my children. it doesn;t matter to me what people say because I am writing with my kids memories and it's really nice to look back their milestones.