Thursday Thirteen: Movie Marathon

Last 13 movies that I've seen and my rating

  1. My sisters keeper ***** [cried a bucket]
  2. Hostage ***
  3. Four Christmases ****
  4. Beyond a reasonable doubt ***
  5. P.S. I Love you *****
  6. 2012 ***
  7. The Tournament *** [too violent]
  8. Gamer * [another violent movie]
  9. Love Happens ****
  10. Rise Blood Hunter **
  11. My life in ruins **
  12. Definitely, Maybe **
  13. The Lookout ***

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Fresh Mommy said...

Oh Ps I love you was great, and I agree with most of your ratings. A couple of the movies I haven't seen yet though, so this is good to know!!! :)


jillconyers said...

My Sister's Keeper was just ok but loved the book. PS I Love You is one I've watched multiple times and cried every time. Also liked #s 4 and 9.

Anonymous said...

Read the books but have not seen My sisters keeper or PS I love you. I will have to watch them. Thanks for the reviews.