Thursday Thirteen: Movie Marathon

If you haven't known before, I am a movie addict... but I don't buy DVDs nor do I watch it in the big theaters... I am so cheap that I just download them for free... it takes time... but I still get to watch them.

Last 13 movies that I've seen and my rating

  1. Serious Moonlight *****
  2. War *****
  3. It's complicated **
  4. Michael Jackson's This is it ****
  5. Time traveller's wife ****
  6. Up in the air ****
  7. House Broken ***
  8. New Moon ***
  9. A dangerous man ***
  10. The Other Man *
  11. Falling up ***
  12. In the valley of Elah *
  13. Lakeview Terrace ***

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Ice Magic Festival @ Lake Louise

My personal favorites made the top 3!

First Place -- Victory Dance by Carveamus Prime, USA

Second Place -- Catching a Dream by Frozen Art, USA

Third Place -- Hope by Team GB, Manx to Machem, UK

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Chateau Lake Louise

It's pampering time! Thanks to a friend who got hotel discounts, we were able to book a room at Fairmont for 60% off last weekend for the Ice Magic Festival. This is our room with the view! And can you see how cool our bathroom is?

The ice castle in the background

What a view!!! Simply breathtaking!

More pictures to follow...

Celebrity Sighting: Alec Baldwin

January 17. I had the chance to come face to face with Mr. Alec Baldwin. I was in charge of checking his carry-on bags. It was about 4-5 minutes that we were face to face. But I was too shy to say anything, though I know that he knew that we did recognize him.

No, I don't have any pictures nor autograph, we're not allowed! Bummer!

There were other celebrity that came through that day, but I didn't get to see anyone else... or maybe I just didn't recognize the others.

Wordless Wednesday: Olympic Flame

The Olympic flame is once again burning bright in Calgary... January 19, 2010.

106 days... 45,000 kms... 12,000 torchbearers...

Above pictures were taken at 7:30am...

Passing the torch at 10:30am...

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Do you recycle gifts?

During our last Christmas party, we were ask, on a voluntary basis, to bring in a gift for raffle. Raffle for adults or for kids.

Somebody decided to wrap 2 chocolate boxes not knowing that one box was already expired in 2008. While the other box got 4 missing pieces and a half eaten one. Prank? I don't think so. I believe it was just an honest mistake.

I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards the other day and I can't believe I got some stuff in there that already expired!

I recycle gifts, I won't deny it. Sometimes, we just need to be practical. Why keep it when you know you won't need it, or you already got something similar. But with food/chocolates, its kind of hard, because you need to be careful that it hasn't expired when you decides to give it away.

8 Things

Nobody tag me for this one, but I decided to grab it from Denden's blog.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Wedding photography class every Saturday
2. Intermediate photography class every Thursday
3. Upcoming trip to Lake Louise for the ice sculpture
4. Staying overnight at The Fairmont - Chateau Lake Louise
5. Updating my family website
6. My BFF coming back from her vacation next week
7. 2 birthday parties next month
8. Upcoming tax season

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. 3 loads of Laundry
2. Cooking
3. Clean the house
4. Watched The Time Traveller's Wife
5. Sort out my closet
6. Sort out all the papers on my desk
7. Grocery
8. Photography intermediate class

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Stop drinking coca-cola
2. Eat more healthier food - like vegetables
3. Do lots of walking and/or exercise
4. Learn how to bake and decorate cake
5. Have the liberty to buy more lens
6. Take more "professional" photos
7. Be a professional photographer in the near future
8. Go home for a cousin's wedding in June

8 Shows I Watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. CSI Las Vegas
4. CSI New York
5. Chuck
6. Heroes
7. Desperate Housewives
8. Brothers and Sisters

Feel free to grab this tag... Enjoy your weekend everyone!

The problem with having a Facebook and a Blog

Like millions of people around the world, I am hooked up on Facebook and blogging. But the foremost problem with having both, is that once people see your update in Facebook, they will no longer be interested to check out your blog.

Same thing for me, I rarely blog hop anymore. I just kept in touch with my blogger friends through Facebook.

So what's the point of maintaining both?

My son just turned 13!

Oh my! I have a teenager already! He just turned 13 last Sunday. And as a treat, we took him and 2 friends to Shakers.

Birthday boy enjoying the arcades....

Kids were happy with the number of tickets they won!

My daughter loves rock climbing...

Mixed nuts

Holiday is over! Now, back to reality... it's back to school for me and the kids! And it means back to pick up and drop off the kids at their bus stop. And back to doing assignments and projects...

My son is turning 13 this Sunday. Time flies! I can't believe that I'm going to have a teenager soon... Gosh, I feel old.

Work is still work! I am so glad that I only have to work there twice a week.

I just recently watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It". It's weird that I was never a fan of MJ, I mean I love some of his songs, but that was it. But watching "This Is It" makes me sad that he was gone too soon.

Road trip! We're going to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for the Ice Magic Festival on January 23-24. We got a big discount on hotel accommodation, thanks to a friend who works at the hotel. Hope the weather is not too bad on that weekend.

Tax season is coming up... so I am going to be very busy again for the next 3 months.

And I believe that we need a treadmill in the house... for me, for my husband, and for my son! We are all gaining weight!


"Your family is who you choose to hold in your heart... not necessarily those who share your bloodlines." - Chicken soup for the single parent

Ever since we decided to relocate to another country, we are not as happy as we could have if we could spent Christmas and New Year and other special occasion with our family. But we learn to adapt. And we found "new families" in our new place. They would invite us over for Noche Buena and any other parties or celebrations. And though they are not blood relatives, they are still family to us!

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I feel sick today! Definitely not a good way to start my New Year! I got a headache and stuffy nose! Bummer!