Celebrity Sighting: Alec Baldwin

January 17. I had the chance to come face to face with Mr. Alec Baldwin. I was in charge of checking his carry-on bags. It was about 4-5 minutes that we were face to face. But I was too shy to say anything, though I know that he knew that we did recognize him.

No, I don't have any pictures nor autograph, we're not allowed! Bummer!

There were other celebrity that came through that day, but I didn't get to see anyone else... or maybe I just didn't recognize the others.


Marites said...

that is so cool! we were just talking about him and Meryl Streep regarding their new film, Complicated. A friend said it's a must-see movie. too bad you didn't get a pic:)

JO said...

Hi Marites,
I watched that movie, and it's not super great, but it's a good movie.

Anonymous said...

I like Alec Baldwin inspite of his pig-calling fiasco with this daughter. He just won a Golden Globe. :)

Junnie said...

same here...when we arrived last Wednesday 10pm, we saw an actress who I coincidentally saw on the movie on the plane...Rachel McAdams. She smiled at me...or maybe to Gabe.