Do you recycle gifts?

During our last Christmas party, we were ask, on a voluntary basis, to bring in a gift for raffle. Raffle for adults or for kids.

Somebody decided to wrap 2 chocolate boxes not knowing that one box was already expired in 2008. While the other box got 4 missing pieces and a half eaten one. Prank? I don't think so. I believe it was just an honest mistake.

I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards the other day and I can't believe I got some stuff in there that already expired!

I recycle gifts, I won't deny it. Sometimes, we just need to be practical. Why keep it when you know you won't need it, or you already got something similar. But with food/chocolates, its kind of hard, because you need to be careful that it hasn't expired when you decides to give it away.


ghee said...

yeah,lots of things from our cup boards are forgotten and got expired without our awareness,it happens to din,hehe

good idea...last year,i got a beach towel from a xmas party,that i dont wanna use coz we already have lots of towels so maybe it wud be good to recycle it next time.its all new anyway. :D