Busy, busy me

Tax season is always a hard time for me. This is my 6th year doing taxes and I always work long hours, average of 8-12 hours a day, sometimes even longer than 12 hours. And I only do this because I love doing taxes and tax season for me is just 10 weeks long. I usually start mid of February till end of April.

When I get home, some days I still have to do taxes for my friends. Other days, I do laundry, iron clothes, clean the house, help my kids with their homework and cook.

Lately, my daughter has been sleeping in our bed. Finally, I asked her why, and she said the she wanted to wait for me to come home but couldn't stay awake. And she's been asking me when will tax season be over.

10 weeks out of 52 weeks is simply a sacrifice I have to do. And my kids and hubby knows that. 30 more days to go...


emievil said...

I came across your post while researching for something to write about. I'm also in the middle of my busy season (my 11th, if I'm not mistaken) and I can definitely relate to what you are doing. Fortunately, the busy season will end in a few days' time. Then we're free :).