Back to a more relaxing day

Now that my tax season is over, I am back to my normal routine, with no stress and lots of free time. May 1st, I took the kids out for lunch at their favorite Burger King... then we proceeded to play bowling and dinner at the Chinese restaurant. It was my first day off and I am not really in the mood to cook that day.

I still have my normal 2 days work at the airport, but other than that, I have 5 days off! This week has been chore day for me and getting things in order around the house.


Raquel said...

wow, 5 days off? ang haba ng bakasyon mo. jo, if u don't mind me asking, do you work during tax season?

Heart of Rachel said...
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Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you are enjoying your free time and spending most of it with your family.

Happy Mother's Day!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Part timer lang ako sa airport... that's why I only work twice a week.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I am enjoying my free time indeed.