Thank you St. Lorenzo Ruiz

My son is a bit of an accident prone and at the same time he seems to be losing a lot of his stuff. It is frustrating for me to help him organize his stuff and keep everything in place. But I guess boys will be boys. His room is always a mess too.

At the start of school year, I bought him a school shirt for his PE class. He lost that shirt in a month. After that, he keeps on asking me to buy him another PE shirt, but I can only do that online. And ordering online means paying for shipping and it's in US$. I ordered him 2 shirts from that and it's not cheap! He manage to lost one a few weeks later.

Then, there's the lost wallet and misplaced cellphone... click here to read about it.

And here he is asking for an ipod.


Raquel said...

Naku, tsaka mo nalang bilhan ng ipod if he is mature enough to care his stuffs. Mamahalin yan, I'm pretty sure pag maiwanan yan sa bus or somewhere else, cgurado, hindi na yan isauli.

You are right, boys are boys. At the ymca nursery, I see them playing so harsh

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Exactly. Even though he got his own savings to buy himself an ipod, I didn't let him. I told him that once he is responsible enough for his own stuff, that's the time he will get to buy one.