Manila's hectic schedule

Sad to say, I didn't really have enough time to go shopping while in the Philippines. This is basically our schedule there...

  • 1st 3 days where spent in Manila with family! Had a couple of hours of shopping time.
  • Next 5 days were spent in Boracay. The purpose of our visit is to witness my favorite cousin's nuptial. And more family reunion.
  • Another 2 days in Manila to meet some friends.
  • Next 2 days in Tagaytay with my cousins and their family! My son swam with the dolphins!
  • The following 2 days in Subic with hubby's family.
  • The next 3 days in Cebu so my kids will get to see and meet their 98-year old great-grandma for the very first time. Unfortunately.
  • And then another half day in Manila for packing...
  • And it's back to hubby's arm!

Now that we are back from our vacation, it's time to do some spring/summer cleaning. I started with cleaning the fan, my daughter's closet and the shoe rack. My kids had to got rid of a lot of their slippers, old and worn out shoes and even their snow boots. So tomorrow, we're going shopping for some shoes.

Next is to clean out my son's closet! This is going to be a challenge! Hahaha...


Raquel said...

did you take pictures with their great grandma and kids? i really treasure those memories.