We just had a shift bid last month, and instead of working 2 days with 10 hour shift, I am now stuck with 3 days and an 8 hour shift. The good news is I have weekends off! So we get to really enjoy the summer weekends and not have to worry about work.

It is getting crazier at work. People are getting fired or suspended, and management is not even protecting it's own employees. :-( And worst, we are being used and treated like garbage. If not for the benefits, I would have left months ago.

I was on holiday for 3 weeks, and upon returning to work, so much have changed [again]! I am so affected by work lately that it is no longer "fun", and I hate the thought of going to work. We were being watch like criminals and our attention were being called for the tiniest things that don't really matter.

I'm hoping that I would be able to find a different, less stressful job by September. Right now, I just want to enjoy our short summer!