Love gives me hope

Just though I'd share this...

  • Today, I was feeling really down about myself. I told my boyfriend how I hated my flat chest and felt ugly. He pulled me into his arms and said, "Well I like it. Because then nothing gets in the way when I hold you." His love gives me hope.
  • A girl on campus left a suicide note. Another girl found it and got dozens of people together to make countless paper hearts saying "You are LOVED!" They placed them all over the ground, sidewalks, lamp posts, cafe tables -- everywhere. The love everyone on campus had for someone they didn't know gives me hope.
  • My little sister has Sturge Weber and has to get laser surgeries on her face that leave her with polkadot-like burns. After her last surgery, my uncle planned a "Polka Dot Party" and drew polka dots on every member of my family. They went out to dinner like that so she wouldn't feel alone. Love that holds together families gives me hope.