My daughter's second cake

And here is our second cake...

Link to her first cake is here. Next target is to decorate some cupcakes.

My daughter's first cake

My daughter and I attended a Cake Decorating Class for beginners, and this is our final assignment. She did most of the decorating, while I made the cake and prepare the icing. Her favorite is making the leaves!

Busy, busy me!

I'm currently taking 3 courses... two of them are tax related courses, 1 classroom, 1 online course... the other is Photoshop. I don't know why I did this to myself. Am too overwhelmed right now!

I just spent the whole afternoon on my online course. After 5 hours, Chapter 1 is done. Tomorrow, I need to finished Chapter 2.

I'm also trying out the gym tomorrow and Thursday [for free]. I hope my body will like the workout. I've never been in a gym ever in my whole life. And in desperation, I just have to give it a try. I really need to lose weight! I don't want my doctor to put me on medication and as long as I lose 15 pounds by December, she said I should be fine. That means no more partying and eating out.

On the brighter side, one of my dream may be a reality soon, very soon... I may have to forego some of the luxury and pampering, and possible trip in December, but this is worth the wait. Hope everything goes well.

Good luck to me!

A to Z

Saw this October 2005 meme and thought I'd answer it again this time... this is also your chance to view some of my old entries that you might have missed.

A is for Anniversary number 15! It's this October 8.

B is for blogging. I may have lost a lot of readers, but the $$$ opportunities are still coming...

C is for the many conversations I have with my children. If you are having the worst day, your child can brighten it up by saying "Mommy you are so pretty and I love you."

D is for Diamonds. Finally own a 1-karat diamond ring. Not a solitaire though but still a diamond ring.

E is for energy. My son is like the Energizer battery, he just keeps on going and going and going...

F is for Facebook. I am so addicted to it!

G is for eyeGlasses. I'm so glad we got enough coverage to pay for my new bifocal lenses. Yes, sad to say, I need reading glasses now.

H is for hubby. Because he loves me.

You were my strength when I was weak, You were my voice when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn't see, You saw the best there was in me,
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach, You gave me faith 'coz you believed,
I'm everything I am because you loved me

I is for ice-cream. My family just have to have ice-cream even during the cold winter months!

J is for Jasper National Park.

K is for Kananakis county.

L is for my not-so-new laptop. Despite it giving me problems, I love having a laptop instead of a desktop.

M is for Manila, Philippines. I will keep coming back to Manila.

N is my NIKON D90! I loved it!

O is for operation. Both my kids were born via caesarean [C-section].

P is for Perspective Photography... something I find interesting to do especially with my model family. Watch out for more pictures on this.

Q is for "Que sera sera" - my mama used to sing this song to me. Now, I'm singing it to my daughter and she loves it.

R is for perfect Reflections! Hope to get more shots like these ones.

S is for sunset... I just love the colors of sunset...

T is for TRIPS! We just love to do road trips...

U is for Ms. Universe pageant... Way to go Ms. Philippines!

V is for the empty vases that I have around the house.

W is for West Edmonton Mall and Waterton Lakes National Park.

X is for XoXoXo... love is always in the air.

Y is for YES!

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzz... I just love to sleep in late if I don't have plans.

Tag, you're it!


Sunwapta Falls @ Jasper National Park

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Remembering 9/11

GOD works in mysterious ways.

A college friend of mine was working for a company at one of the twin towers. That faithful day, she was supposed to work at 7am till noon and then leave for her appointment with the consulate regarding their green card. That day, she decided to sleep in late, and didn't realized what had happened until around noon time. Families have been frantic trying to get in touch with her, but all phone lines where already cut off at that time. It was really hard to contact anyone in New York. She's a workaholic. And if she hadn't slept in, we don't know what would have happened to her.


It is because of 9/11 why we have all these restrictions on liquids and gels, disallowing even toy guns or replica guns/bullets on belt and small knives on your carry on. I hope all passengers will realized that these restrictions were put in place for the safety of the flying public. I am just one of the officers implementing these rules. So don't take it out on me if we have to confiscate your child's toy gun or your oversize perfume or toothpaste.

Flying can still be fun, if we just limit our carry-on. You don't really need your shampoo or conditioner during the flight, right? So why put them in your carry-on when you can put them in your checked bags? Carry-on are for the stuff that you "might or will" need during the flight like medication or a change of clothes or books to read while waiting!

Remember to travel lite!


Maligne Lake @ Jasper National Park

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Weekend Fun #2

Can't believe that "ber" months is here already... and soon it will be Christmas. Time to get my Christmas list ready.

After our trip to Panorama Mountain Village, that same weekend, we made another trip to West Edmonton Mall and Jasper National Park.

Today is the first day of school for my kids and they had the perfect summer despite the un-cooperating weather. And it's peace and quiet time for again at home until 4pm.

These photos could have been a perfect reflection if not for the cloudy sky.

Medicine Lake @ Jasper National Park

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