Remembering 9/11

GOD works in mysterious ways.

A college friend of mine was working for a company at one of the twin towers. That faithful day, she was supposed to work at 7am till noon and then leave for her appointment with the consulate regarding their green card. That day, she decided to sleep in late, and didn't realized what had happened until around noon time. Families have been frantic trying to get in touch with her, but all phone lines where already cut off at that time. It was really hard to contact anyone in New York. She's a workaholic. And if she hadn't slept in, we don't know what would have happened to her.


It is because of 9/11 why we have all these restrictions on liquids and gels, disallowing even toy guns or replica guns/bullets on belt and small knives on your carry on. I hope all passengers will realized that these restrictions were put in place for the safety of the flying public. I am just one of the officers implementing these rules. So don't take it out on me if we have to confiscate your child's toy gun or your oversize perfume or toothpaste.

Flying can still be fun, if we just limit our carry-on. You don't really need your shampoo or conditioner during the flight, right? So why put them in your carry-on when you can put them in your checked bags? Carry-on are for the stuff that you "might or will" need during the flight like medication or a change of clothes or books to read while waiting!

Remember to travel lite!