Things that makes me happy!

I just read a few articles in the Chicken Soup for the Soul, Count your Blessings edition. And it made me realized that we should try to write down one or two items that we are blessed with every single day. I started my kids on that...

  1. My Husband. He is the reason for my being! He made my dream come true!

  2. My kids. Though they sometimes drives me crazy, they are the love of my life! Every single hug and kiss, just takes away my bad day and all my troubles. I love when they make me home made cards for Mother's day, Valentine's, Christmas and Birthdays. And I kept them all.

  3. Friends. They keep be sane. We all need time away from our family, and I am so glad that I have a group of friend to hang out with.

  4. Photography and photo albums. I love taking pictures and even though I am not in it, it's okay. I'm just glad that I am able to take those photos.

  5. Tax Season. I wish tax season is a whole year job, coz this is one thing that I really love doing. I don't feel like it's a JOB at all. Despite the long hours during the peak of tax season, I don't really feel tire at all.

What's your blessings for today?