Boracay Island @ 5:26 am

Boracay Island @ 5:26am, June 2010

Boracay Island @ 6am

Winter is here and I suddenly missed the morning walk along the beach and sunny weather back home!

June 2010

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Winter is here!

I was stuck at home this whole week due to snow and deep freeze... I just dropped the kids off at their bus stop and came straight home.

Sun is finally out today and it stopped snowing. But we are still expecting more snow next week...

Wordless Wednesday | Outdoor Wednesday

Hello Blog Friends!

I am so sorry if I were not able to visit your blog lately... I have been very, very busy. And actually am too overwhelmed with my schedule and tasks on hand.

From taking an online course to a classroom course... my part time work... house chores and kids and home works... and overseeing our basement project... making myself go to the gym regularly... I am just way too overload.

If you did stop by, please do leave me a message so I can return the visit. Hope to hear from someone soon...

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