No consideration at all

My husband's friend, B, from the Philippines is supposed to come here last Sunday. B knows all of hubby's contact information and he also know that hubby plans to meet him at the airport on his arrival day. Everything has been set.

B's arrival was at 12 noon. Hubby and the kids didn't even had lunch yet when they went to the airport at 12:15 pm. They waited till 2:30 pm. Luckily, I got off at work at 1:30 pm and took the kids for a quick lunch at the food court. But hubby never left the waiting area.

Hubby waited for 2.5 hours at the airport, he thought he might be delayed at the immigration. But he never showed up. Either he missed his flight or got deported due to lack of documentation or he didn't even bother to look for hubby and left the airport on his own.

My daughter was supposed to go to a party that day at 2pm, and totally missed it because of this. Poor daughter, she was really looking forward to the party.

Up to now, there's no word on B if he made it here or not. Well, that's really rude on my part. A simple email saying "I made it here" will suffice. But nothing so far!


Mayet said...

aie! hopefully he has a good alibi when he decided to call you up:)

Raquel said...

nakakainis nga ng ganun. grabe naman hindi man lang tumawag o nag email no. i think i will consider whatever reasons kung tumawag after 24 hours but days na wala pa rin...i think our friendship would not be the same as before.

JO said...

Hi Mayet and Raquel,

He finally emailed, two weeks later... he didn't even bothered to look for my husband. Oh well...