It's the year of the Rabbit

I believe that this is the first time that I hosted a Chinese New Year party at home. Even though all my guests are not Chinese, they are still in it to party.

Total headcount was 23 and I'm just glad that they can all fit into our small townhouse. And we got tons of food... no more cooking for me for the next 3 days since there's also tons of leftovers.

Stewed pork knuckles with buns, Siomai with Tikoy, Shanghai noodles
Fish with coconut extract, Kare-kare, Adobong Pusit [Squid], Stuffed chicken
We also have Beef with broccoli, onion rings and fruit platter

Tarts, Kutchinta, Puto, Fortune cookies, Almonds with lychee and Ginataan
We also have a cake since one of our friend is celebrating his birthday today.


I just thought it would be good to party now before I start to get busy with the tax season. I expect to be busy starting the 3rd week of February and by then I wouldn't be able to party with my friends until May.

I got another party to go to on Saturday, and Sunday, I am hosting a bridal shower party here again. After that, it will all be work, work, work for me! Booo!


Measi said...

Happy New Year!

Mayet said...

wow, daming food!

Stratoz said...

I am a Rabbit and would have loved to have been at this party