Remembering Haydee and her family

Haydee and I met in the 80s. Her family together with my cousins from Manila and Cebu went to Baguio City. We had a great bonding time during our one week stay in Baguio City.

Our next meeting would be a few years later, when I went to Cebu to visit my grandmother and relatives. She took the time to meet up with us and my other cousin, Je. She's really a darling.

After that, it was just constant mail, Birthdays/Christmas card exchanges and updates. We never made it to each others' wedding. And never met in person after that. But somehow, Friendsters and Facebook brought us together. And we would pour out our problems to one another.

One night last April, I got a call from my cousin in Taiwan, Je, she was crying so much I honestly couldn't understand what she was saying. After calming her down, I realized that it was news about Haydee and her family. Je and Haydee were really close. She was even the godmother of one of her child. She said that they have been planning to meet for a long time but timing just isn't on their side. We talked about going to Cotabato one day to pay a visit at their grave.

What happened to Haydee and her family was truly tragic! Johnson Wee [42], Haydee [35], Kim Patricia [8] and Enzo [6] died when a fire broke into their home/office in Cotabato City. I can't even explain my feelings at that time.

What made write this article today is that despite her being gone, her Facebook wall still have, todate, postings and well wishes from her family and friends who missed and loved her.

Thailand, 2008 [Taken from her Facebook]

4 die in Cotabato City predawn fire Posted at 02/24/2010 2:24 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Four people, including 2 children, died in a fire that gutted a Philippine Air Lines ticketing office in Cotabato City before dawn Wednesday.

Police identified the fatalities as Johnson Wee, 42; Haydee Wee, 35; Kim Patricia Wee, 8; and Enzo Wee, 6.

Senior Superintendent Willie Dangane, Cotabato City police, said the victims died of suffocation. He said the victims were trapped inside the PAL Ticketing Travel Tours inside the Hadji Datu Usman Mampen Building on Sinsuat Avenue.

Dangane said that base on initial investigations by the Cotabato City Bureau of Fire Protection, the fire was caused by an unattended lighted candle.

He said the fire broke out while the city was experiencing brownout around 4:12 a.m.. The fire was put out around 4:30 a.m.. -- Report from Noel Alamar, radio dzMM -- SOURCE...

Today is their 1 year death anniversary... Miss you so much Haydee! I will always treasure our little time together and you will always be remembered. God Bless.