Last day of tax season was quite boring! The line-up I was expecting didn't happened. In the previous years, I would have done 40+ return during the last day of tax season. This time though, I only did 14 and got to relax in between clients. My numbers were down from last year but I believe that my commission is up. I'll know in 2 weeks time.

Tax season is over! I can now go back to my normal duties at home. It ended though with a bad news that my husband's uncle pass away in his sleep. Thank God that He didn't prolong his suffering.

First things first, I need to clean the whole house. And then tomorrow, I am scheduled for some pamper time, I booked an appointment for a hot stone massage and would probably get a haircut after that.

This weekend is going to be very busy though since Friday is party night. One of my best friend will be celebrating her birthday. And on Saturday, it's family carnival day at my daughter's school and at night, it's a gathering of 4 families to watch the Pacquiao game. And on Sunday, it's Mother's day celebration.