Happy Birthday Boss!

Today could have been your 51st birthday... but GOD took you away from us. We all missed you and we will never forget your kindness.

You've traveled to Hong Kong, Beijing and the USA. Your next trip would have been Canada. Sorry that it took us too long to plan for this one, and now it's too late.

Boss' favorite things -- Coke, ice, stork candy, 3-in-1 coffee mix, black pentel pen and tons of paper... he loves to party... he loves to sing... These simple things makes him happy.

He never missed a single simbang gabi... he was always on time on mass and would sit behind the choir... he was part of the choir... he never complain about anything even in pain! His favorite phrase "wala problema" [no problem].

Francis [Boss] Lim
May 14, 1960 - May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Boss! We love you!