"You can sugar coat your story, you can sugar coat your lies -
but when it melts because of the heat, the truth shall be revealed."
I don't understand why some people are really good at twisting stories. Why do you want people to think you are more superior when you are not? Why do you want people to think you are well-off when it's obvious you are not?

Remember that people who lie, often times, trapped themselves with their own lies. They can't distinguished the first time they told the story... or the second or third time after that. And with every "repeat" of the story, it is impossible to tell the story the same way since it's all a lie!

You can twist and bend the truth as much as you want to make yourself look good, but we know the truth, and we believe in karma! And if you think we believe every single thing you said, think again. We are not stupid. We just wanted to make you think whatever you want to think.
"A liar is worse than a thief! Stuff that's stolen can be replaced
but once trust is gone, it's gone!"


uncertainhorizon said...

you are very correct... and people who live telling lies eventually forget the truth... and end up living a sad life.