Patrick's cash

"Growing old is mandatory, acting old is optional."

On my son's last birthday, he was so happy to received gift cards and cash from family friends. And combined with his Christmas gifts, he got a total of $260 in cash.

Normally, I would let him spent about 30-40% of the cash and the rest goes to his bank account. But this is the first time that I am letting him decide on the whole amount.

His wish list [in no particular order] --
  • A collector's Lego set
  • An Ipod touch
  • An Iphone 4
  • PS3
When my kids found out that I could lose my job. They decided that they will pay for the Xbox and Kinect. But I have to pay for the taxes. Now, all of us are enjoying the kinect. Yes, I said "all of us" because now, I get to do Zumba at home too.


uncertainhorizon said...

I hate you may lose your job. I am glad that you all are having fun though.

My said...

You must have a grown-up teenage son as I can see in his wish list. Don't worry about your job losing as long as your family's happy of what you've got.