RIP - Boss

The phone rang while I was cooking dinner tonight. My sis-in-law was on the other line, crying. I couldn't understand her at first, and when I finally did, she gave us the bad news that my husband's uncle just past away. He died in his sleep.

We all call him Boss. He is very thoughtful. He remembers everybody's birthday and even wedding anniversaries. He make sure he calls people he loves every morning just to say "good morning"... and then again at night to say "good night". It's a ritual for him.

May you rest in peace, Francis Lim. We will miss you.

Died May 2, 2011, Manila Time.


Raquel said...

aw, what a bad news. i think you blog him before. condolence jo. may he rest in peace.

JO said...

thanks Raquel

Anonymous said...

Belated condolences to you and to your family, Jo.