I recently discovered the Latin-inspired, calorie burning fitness dance called Zumba. And the first time I've tried it, I loved it! I used to dance when I was young, and the day I stopped dancing, I kept on gaining weight. Now, I'm hoping that Zumba will make me lose more weight.

Since the start of tax season, I have stopped going to the gym. And till now, I am still not in the mood to go back. I blame it on our rainy weather this whole week.

When we decided to buy Xbox and Kinect, I also got myself the Zumba disc and has been doing Zumba in my own living room.

The only difference with Zumba @ home and Zumba @ the gym is that I get a really great work out at the gym. I get inspired to work harder because of the people working out around me. And until the one hour is over, you just have to keep on going.

Working out at home alone is not as much fun. I stop whenever I feel like stopping and I continue when I want to. There's not much discipline on my part. And this isn't a work out at all, it's more like having a good time. But the combination of both should get me back into shape, right?

There's going to be a Zumba party at one of the nightclubs downtown, and I've been meaning to go with some of my Zumba buddies. If this pushes through, it will be my first nightclub in Canada!