Catch me... I'm in Love

OMG!!! This is another good movie! It really makes me feel like a teenager again. Super kilig to the bones. Gerald Anderson is soooooo handsome!

I am so addicted to watching Pinoy movies online these days. At one point, I was able to watch 4 movies in 1 day. What a bum eh? If you want to watch some Pinoy movies, check out Quality is on the poor side, but if you're homesick, then it will do.

Catch Me I'm In Love tells the story of two people who was united by chance. Eric (Gerald Anderson), the Presidential son have always been a headache to his father (the President of the Philippines). Having been involved in an issue that was seen by the public. The president decided to take his son into an immersion under the supervision of Roanne (Sarah Geronimo). And from the moment they were together, one have discovered that - special someone who will catch her when she falls.


Sasha said...

Hi Jo!

I watched this movie twice. I liked it a lot! I don't normally watch too many Pinoy movies but when I want to feel good and just escape for an hour or two, I watch Pinoy romantic-comedies :)