Do not dwell on the past

There's a reason why the past is the past. Do not dwell on the past. Live for today.

Do you have your ex as your friends in Facebook? Do you still chat or post wall messages to them? Is it right for your current partner to be jealous of your ex? Is it also right for your current partner to go into your Facebook account and "unfriend" all your exes?

A friend of mine is on the edge because of Facebook. She is just way too insecure about his ex' being on his friends' list on Facebook. His ex were on a different continent, so there's really no reason to be jealous, right?

To me, there's no harm done in being friends with your ex in cyberspace. It is after all, just communicating through cyberspace. Besides, there's a reason why they are your ex now, so why be jealous of them?

A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy because that means that someone is afraid of losing YOU. But too much can ruin a relationship and can drive that person away. Stop nagging and get over it. You are who he chose to be right now.


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem before when my husband was invited by his ex in Facebook to be FB contacts. I didn't say anything when he confirmed her. But when I saw a chat history they've chatted, even though it's the ex who initiated the chat, I went ballistic. He deleted his ex as contact right away. Then I got mad he deleted his ex claiming she shouldn't know she affected us in any way. Anyway, I'm nuts that way. I trust my husband. It's that clingy ex I don't trust.

JO said...

Hi Tani,

You shouldn't let these things bother you... hope all is well.

Lilly said...

Tricky - No, No, No is my answer - an ex is an ex, no matter how you look at it - no need to start facebook chatter - WHY - women have this thing called intuition and when that intuition is aroused by something like facebook chat - I do not think the jealousy factor is working here. Why does he have to have this ex on chat - there is a lot of BAD chat out there too. A friend of mine went through that same thing and her hubby ended up cheating on her with the EX. Friendshhip = YES
Cheating = NO
Then, there are some guys that just want it all - "??