Thank you Lord!

I just finished watching "Maalaala Mo Kaya" [in English "Do You Remember"] mother's day [May 14] episode on the internet. The story is a about a mother of 3, who got strong faith with the Lord. First, the husband lost his job. Then tragedy strike. Eldest son was diagnosed with brain cancer. Because of his illness, they couldn't get medical treatment for their second son. 10 months after the eldest died, the second son died of kidney failure. The father can't handle the death of both son and went through depression, up to the point where he tried to kill himself. The mother's strong faith with the Lord helps her keep it all together. And she never doubted the Lord. Later on, the father was able to get back on his feet.

Stories like this makes me realized how blessed we are. And though I am currently unemployed with a brand new car to pay, I am still lucky that hubby got a well paying job and we are all healthy. I just need to cut down on other unnecessary expenses like dining out and shopping. And as long as we are able to pay off our mortgage and other essential things, than we are good.

Let's all remember to count all our blessings, no matter how small they are. Let us just be thankful that we are healthy. After all, health is wealth. Remember, that even though there are people out there with more than what we have, there are also people out there who have less than what we have.

When God closes a door... somewhere He opens a window.