Snowbirds at different angles

Had a fun family day at Airdrie Airport for the spectacular Air Show!!!

And here's more -- Snowbirds with a huge heart!

Airdrie Regional Air Show, July 16-17, 2011
Alberta, Canada

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Our first attempt at Camping

We tried our first camping trip. Just me and the kids and some friends. It was not bad, we had tons of fun. Except for the windy and cold weather. Yes, it's summer time here, but the temperature in Banff was still cold. I actually didn't sleep well that night.

July 8-9, 2011 @ Tunnel Mountain Village 1 - Banff National Park

What my kids enjoyed the most is playing inside the tent and having their first try at s'mores! Crackers with chocolate and melted marshmallows = YUMMY!

Wait... while hiking, we came across this mother bear with her 3 cubs... unfortunately, the cubs were too small and I am too far away to capture them...

But despite the uncooperative weather, I am willing to try camping again. I told my husband that he should come next time and that we could get a curt trailer hitch to hook up to his Pilot and rent a trailer. Then even if it gotten cold, we can stay warm inside the trailer.

New Memes

I just discovered 2 new blogs/meme... Introducing Black and White Wednesday and That's My World...

Will be posting some photos in the coming weeks... watch out for it!

Snowbirds with a huge heart

Our family went on to watch our very first Air show! It was great! The weather's perfect for an outdoor event. I had over 600 photos... and will be sharing them soon...

Getting ready...

Halfway there...

And a heartful thanks!

Airdrie Regional Air Show, July 16-17, 2011
Alberta, Canada

Another short conversation with my son

My husband recently got eye inflammatory on his left eye. Due to the delayed treatment, it had gotten worst to the point that it got blurry. His right eye is still okay though, but with left eye blurry, I forbid him to drive. It is just way too dangerous.

So yesterday and today, I had to missed work just to drive him to and from doctor's appointment and work. Later this evening though he got another doctor appointment which is just 3 minutes drive from home. I volunteered to drive him, but he insisted that he is fine.

After he left, I told my son to call his Lola [grandma] in New York and tell her to tell his daddy not to drive till his vision is completely normal. He thought about it for a minute and said "No, let's not stress out Lola anymore."

I was really surprised at his answer. He has grown up in some ways. And I'm proud of him.

You see, my in-laws were recently here for a short visit. And they were both not really feeling well and so stressed out. There's been one death in the family and prior to that, they were busy with reunions and trips. They were both hospitalized [at different times] while visiting my sister-in-law in New York prior to their visit here. My son knows that all we ask them while they were here was just to relax and slow down.

Calgary Tower

Last week, a friend ask my daughter to babysit for her children at Hyatt Regency... and this is the view from the hotel. Of course, I couldn't leave my daughter alone with 2 small children, so I was also there.

More photos from downtown Calgary here.

Wish list

semi mount diamond ring My birthday is coming up soon and my husband is asking me what I want.

Well, he knows what I really want, a 1-carat solitaire diamond ring! Unfortunately, that is out of budget! So I said I will settle for a semi mount diamond ring till the time we can afford the solitaire.

Which do you prefer? The gold one or the silver one? I think gold is for me. You can see the diamonds better.

My daughter's wish list

Technology. My kids are having a hard time understanding how we lived as a kid when I told him that we didn't have Wii, XBox, DSi's, laptops and even cellphones. I got them one netbook which they always fight over. So for my daughter's upcoming birthday, she is requesting for her own netbook. I didn't say "yes" to her. Should I or shouldn't I??? I guess not! That is just way too expensive of a "toy" for an 11 year old. What do you think?

People are people

"We have to work to be good people… goodness always involves the choice to be good." ― Liv Ullman

I can be as bad as the person in front of me. I can say bad words back to you if I have to or when provoke. But then I chose to keep quiet because I don't want to regret things that I might say out of anger. I try my best to hold it in... as much as I could... but I do have my limits. And you wouldn't like it when I burst it out.

Somebody took something that belongs to me. And when I ask for it back, politely, she said "you can go to hell." What would you do in this situation? That's harassment already! I couldn't sleep that night thinking of the best way to approach this person. I kept thinking of different scenario to deal with her. In the end, I chose to have a 3rd party involve. It's not because I am scared of her, but simply because I know her to be a b*tch [sorry for the term] and I don't want to stress myself out because of her. I ask the management to meddle in. I think this was the best approach in this situation. We avoided confrontation that could lead to ugly things.

And I won!!! I got back what is rightfully mine.

I know she will not stop bad mouthing about me, or even say curse words behind my back... but people know her character/personality... and people know me... they just have to decide who to trust and believe.


My daughter was running around with her DSi to capture a photo of this squirrel at Elbow Falls... and she was frustrated because she couldn't get a clear shot. She beg me to use my camera to take a picture.

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Here's looking at you

I swear, when these dogs saw me with my camera pointing at them, they stopped moving around and pose for me... and as soon as I put down my camera, they started moving around and barking.... Aren't they just adorable???

Kananaskis, Alberta

To all our American friends, happy 4th of July!

Do not dwell on the past

There's a reason why the past is the past. Do not dwell on the past. Live for today.

Do you have your ex as your friends in Facebook? Do you still chat or post wall messages to them? Is it right for your current partner to be jealous of your ex? Is it also right for your current partner to go into your Facebook account and "unfriend" all your exes?

A friend of mine is on the edge because of Facebook. She is just way too insecure about his ex' being on his friends' list on Facebook. His ex were on a different continent, so there's really no reason to be jealous, right?

To me, there's no harm done in being friends with your ex in cyberspace. It is after all, just communicating through cyberspace. Besides, there's a reason why they are your ex now, so why be jealous of them?

A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy because that means that someone is afraid of losing YOU. But too much can ruin a relationship and can drive that person away. Stop nagging and get over it. You are who he chose to be right now.

Skywatch - Kananaskis


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