Another short conversation with my son

My husband recently got eye inflammatory on his left eye. Due to the delayed treatment, it had gotten worst to the point that it got blurry. His right eye is still okay though, but with left eye blurry, I forbid him to drive. It is just way too dangerous.

So yesterday and today, I had to missed work just to drive him to and from doctor's appointment and work. Later this evening though he got another doctor appointment which is just 3 minutes drive from home. I volunteered to drive him, but he insisted that he is fine.

After he left, I told my son to call his Lola [grandma] in New York and tell her to tell his daddy not to drive till his vision is completely normal. He thought about it for a minute and said "No, let's not stress out Lola anymore."

I was really surprised at his answer. He has grown up in some ways. And I'm proud of him.

You see, my in-laws were recently here for a short visit. And they were both not really feeling well and so stressed out. There's been one death in the family and prior to that, they were busy with reunions and trips. They were both hospitalized [at different times] while visiting my sister-in-law in New York prior to their visit here. My son knows that all we ask them while they were here was just to relax and slow down.


Anonymous said...

You must have been so proud! He grew up in a nurturing environment. :)

JO said...

Yes Tani. I am so proud!