People are people

"We have to work to be good people… goodness always involves the choice to be good." ― Liv Ullman

I can be as bad as the person in front of me. I can say bad words back to you if I have to or when provoke. But then I chose to keep quiet because I don't want to regret things that I might say out of anger. I try my best to hold it in... as much as I could... but I do have my limits. And you wouldn't like it when I burst it out.

Somebody took something that belongs to me. And when I ask for it back, politely, she said "you can go to hell." What would you do in this situation? That's harassment already! I couldn't sleep that night thinking of the best way to approach this person. I kept thinking of different scenario to deal with her. In the end, I chose to have a 3rd party involve. It's not because I am scared of her, but simply because I know her to be a b*tch [sorry for the term] and I don't want to stress myself out because of her. I ask the management to meddle in. I think this was the best approach in this situation. We avoided confrontation that could lead to ugly things.

And I won!!! I got back what is rightfully mine.

I know she will not stop bad mouthing about me, or even say curse words behind my back... but people know her character/personality... and people know me... they just have to decide who to trust and believe.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you don't have to stoop to other people's level especially when they're spiteful and mean. It's best to always keep your cool even when there are times that call for being a bi-atch. Clearly in that situation you narrated, you did the right thing.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
If I could avoid confrontation, I would. Because I never liked me when I'm in the fighting mood.

Lilly said...

You should be proud of the way you handled this situation - I know how you felt and you did the right and proper thing. Unfortunately, people like her do exist everywhere and they seem to enjoy being that way - you are the better person for the way you handled this. Good for you
p.s. I like your blog :)