My daughter was running around with her DSi to capture a photo of this squirrel at Elbow Falls... and she was frustrated because she couldn't get a clear shot. She beg me to use my camera to take a picture.

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Emille said...

What are mothers for, eh? Great capture!

hip-chick said...

Those pesky squirrels can be kind of cute when they are not damaging your property.

kat said...

oh cute...great shots. Anyway, thanks for the Watery Wed, visit.

Kim, USA said...

Indeed squirrel is so cute but they are too quick too. Not unless you have a sandwich and a peanut butter they gonna stay with you ^_^

Sky Watch Friday

purethoughts said...

beautiful captures sis!! thanks for the visit!:)


Good Girl Gone Green said...

I am always trying to get pictures of squirrels but they always seem to run away from me! I love these ones!
Happy belated WW!
Stephanie~Good Girl Gone Green