What is wrong with my question?

In a work environment where people work on shifts, it is quite normal to form groups within your own shifts. I love my morning shift because the people are nicer, friendlier, and we do not envy one another. We do not spread rumors about one another. We party a lot! Even out of town trips.

Now that I have to work on a different shift [afternoon], I find that it is much harder to get along with the people. We are all Filipinos, and yet, they are the type of people who are nice to you when they are talking to you... and talks about you when you are not around. In other word, hypocrite.

I didn't make a very good first impression with them due to this incident. And I don't really care. I already know their attitude way before I got to this shift.

Anyway, the afternoon/evening people had a picnic recently. I was invited, but I had other plans so I didn't get to join them. The very next day, people started posting photos on FB. And I browsed through them. My next working day, I greeted A with a cheerful face, I said "Ang saya saya naman ng picnic niyo!" [Wow, your party looks fun.] And you know her reply? She said, in a high pitch voice - "But of course, not only morning people knows how to party!" What the??? Did I say anything about morning parties?

I ask myself "is there something wrong with the way I said it?" So I decided to ask two more people the same question. The first one answered "Oh yes it was fun, but we got lost along the way." The second one answered "Oh yes, there's so many food." Now, that's the kind of answer that people would normally say, right?

Because there's unity in the morning people, we have tons of parties all the time! And since we are on the morning shift, our parties would start as early as 5pm and ends around 9-10pm. Yes, it ends that early because most of us have to wake up at 3:30am to get ready for work. We can't invite the evening people because they have work during those hours. And we didn't really want to party with them because among themselves, they don't have unity. I guess they can see our parties and trips on FB too and a bit jealous of it.

A few of them would always say comments like "how come I am not invited?" or "how come you're not inviting the afternoon/evening people?" Why should we?

Since Christmas is just around the corner, the evening stuff wanted to have a Christmas party of all the Filipinos at work. The organizer told me that they can't have the party without the morning people. If the morning people didn't join this party, they would incur more expenses. So I said, I will take charge of the morning people, if one of us will go, all of us will go [as long as there's no conflict in personal matters].

I hate leaving my morning shift. But being a mother comes first, and my kids are my priority. I just have to try to get along with the afternoon people since this is my new shift now.

But I will definitely be partying with the morning group!!!

Playing with shadows

Last weekend, we went to Great Falls, Montana for just one night. It's about 5.5 hours drive, one way, but it was worth it. The place was very clean, people were friendly and very helpful, and the falls were breathtaking. Pictures from our trip to follow.

In the meantime, on our way home, we got so tired that we needed to stretch. Unfortunately, the garden that we were suppose to go was already closed. So while at the park, this is what we did... we took a few shots of our shadows!

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, Lethbridge

Worth every cent

Finally, I was able to get a decent haircut... thanks to a friend whose parents are here on a short visit. The mother was a hair dresser back home. And she took time to cut our hair.

I love my new look... and my daughter's look, but she's not really too happy with it. She prefers long hair. Well, she can have long hair once she starts learning how to take care of it.

Let's play chess

We are off for a day trip to Waterton National Park tomorrow... and on Sunday, we will be watching fireworks at the Globalfest... Happy weekend everyone!

Midnapore Lake


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Mother and Daughter Baking Team

My daughter and I took baking classes @ Michael's Arts and Crafts. We finished our first Basic class in October 2010... and just last month, we took the Gum and Paste class. It was fun, learning to decorate and make cakes and cupcakes. There's still the flower making class, we might do it next spring or summer. The class itself is cheap, only $27 per person. But the student kit and other materials that we need costs a lot.

My daughter made these for my birthday last month...

Midnapore Lake #3

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My daughter's 11th birthday

When I was planning on my kids' birthday, I never really bothered with invitations. I always seems to run out of time just thinking of what to do for their birthdays.

My daughter just turned 11 last Monday. And I gave the parents of her classmates one week advance notice, via email, about her supposedly birthday party at the movie. But of course, since it's summer time, most families were out of town or already got other plans. Hence, it didn't push through since only 1 kid was available. It's a good thing my daughter didn't really want a party, all she wanted was a DSi XL. And tomorrow, I'm taking her and a few other kids to Shakers Fun Center for some playtime.

F-16 Fighting Falcon


Kids don't like the noise the F-16 created!

Airdrie Regional Air Show, July 16-17, 2011
Alberta, Canada

Snowbirds in action

Airdrie Regional Air Show, July 16-17, 2011
Alberta, Canada

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