Close encounter with Barney

This is a REAL bear. And he is a movie star!!!

Last time, I introduced you to Betty. Today, I want to introduce you to Barney!

Again, this one cost me another $21 for the original photo. This is just a picture copy taken from my cellphone. Looks like Barney's a little hungry with the way he looked at us. This is called the "lunch" pose.

Barney was born in 1998, weighs 1300 lbs and stands 8 feet tall.
He is a Kodiak bear and is very good at doing contact work in the movies.
His temperament is very calm and his great size makes him very impressive!

His movie credits are : Grizzly Falls, Anchorman, Pathfinder, Mr. Nobody, Northern Lights, and Knucklehead

His TV credits: Shoebox Zoo, Heartland and Pet Heroes

His commercials: Mercury Insurance, Lowe's, Honda, Super Bowl 2004 Pepsi, Rice Krispie treats, Napa,
Chevy Tahoe, American Express, Titleist Golf Balls, Tennessee DUI, Assure Deodorant,
"State of Russia" for CH4 in UK, Anadin, Energizer, TD Insurance and Kobalt Toolbox.

Discovery Wildlife Park, Innisfail, Alberta


Kim, USA said...

Hello Jo is this a real bear? No doubt as he is looking at you guys he is praying the grace for meals hehehehe. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it. Happy weekend!

JO said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, it's real!

Ebie said...

Hi Jo, I can't believe how friendly Barney is! This is great looking family photo!

Thanks for stopping by.

Heart of Rachel said...

Oh my! You're so brave to pose beside a real bear. Priceless shot.

JO said...

Hi Ebie and Rachel,

It's a once in a lifetime experience!