Close encounter with Betty

This is a REAL bear. And there are no wires, no fence, no chains in between us and the bear. Awesome experience! A once in a lifetime thing too. I had to pay $21 for the original photo. This is just a picture copy taken from my cellphone. Please say hello to Betty!

Meet Betty, a Kodiak bear born in 1988.
She weighs 875 lbs and stands 6 feet tall. For a Kodiak, she is very small and petite.
Betty also has a very sweet nature and acts just like a little princess.

Her movie credits are: Dr. Dolittle 2, Grizzly Falls, Anchorman

Commercials credits includes: Super Bowl 2004 Pepsi, Super Bowl 2006 Bud Light,
Rice Krispie Treats, Napa, Toyota, and Farmer's Insurance.
Discovery Wildlife Park, Innisfail, Alberta


Sian said...

wow that is amazing!

Sarah said...

Wait... that is a real bear? Was she actually sitting there with you or did they photoshop the photo of your family next to her? It's an awesome picture but sounds scary!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

T Byrd said...


this reminds me of the pictures you see of the bear at the picnics lol

JO said...

Thanks Sian and T Byrd.

@ Sarah, yes, it's a real bear... and this is not photoshop. The bear is really beside me!