Whenever I am feeling homesick, I tend to watch Tagalog movies or listen to Tagalog songs.

After watching the movie of KC Concepcion and Sam Milby's "Forever and a Day", I had this sudden urge to go home and fly out to Cagayan to try all the sports that they did in the movie. Sports like zipline, zorbing and rafting to name a few. I even emailed my cousin in Taiwan and told her I wanted to experience those things with her. And that we should go home at the same time.

I love the movie but it made me cry a bucket!!! I hope and pray that I will not have to go through something so difficult and painful.

Anyway, since it is not in our budget right now, I ended up downloading Tagalog songs to my cell phone. Old and nostalgic songs from Freddie Aguilar, Florante, Asin, Hotdogs, Rey Valera, Basil Valdez... and a whole lot more. Really, really oldies!


Kim, USA said...

I am so behind with tagalog movies I didn't know they have a movie together. But don't want to cry a bucket I like comedy, do you watch it on TFC or here online? Thanks!

JO said...

Hi Kim,

No, I don't have TFC. You can watch it online - But I just downloaded it from the internet. ",)