Feeding time

I wish they weren't caged at all. It just doesn't look good to see the wiring. This made me want to go to Africa Safari were the animals are out in the wild. Maybe someday...

Discovery Wildlife Park, Innisfail, Alberta


Looking forward to do the 3Rs this weekend - Relaxing, Resting and Really doing nothing!

What are your plans?

Litratong Pinoy: Matamis [Sweet]

Halo-halo with leche flan and vanilla ice cream -
perfect Filipino dessert for a hot summer!

How the ???

Lethbridge, August 21, 2011

Legoland, Florida

This wasn't part of the plan, but we made it to the grand opening of Legoland Florida! We left around 6:30am and it was a 4-hour drive from our South Beach hotel. But it was worth the trip! We even get to meet my hubby's cousin who lives about an hour away from Legoland for dinner. We got back past 1 am already.

The weather was perfect. It was in the 70F+. It was not too hot and there was a breeze too. I had over 740+ photos and I don't even know how to start sorting them out.

I have been wanting to go to Legoland in California for quite a long time now, but just couldn't come up with the perfect time.

Fisher Island, Miami

The only way in and out of this man-made island is either with your own private boat or helicopter. Living in a place like this, you are assured that you have your own privacy!

Minimum cost of a condo here starts at $3.5 Million and can go up to $8 Million. There's also a once a year membership fee of $175,000 per unit. So only the rich and famous can afford to live in an island like this.

This was part of the boat tour that we did.

Temperature in Miami

When I check the weather forecast for this week, it was supposed to be raining all week. Thank God that we are enjoying the sunny and warm weather of Miami. It didn't rain on us all week long.

My kids don't like the warm weather and they get tired very easily. It's a good thing that the pool is situated just outside our hotel room. It is accessible through our balcony. And they get to swim every single day.

And I am so glad that I decided to take the city tour where we just stayed in the bus. Unfortunately, I couldn't get photos of Miami with us in it. But at least I won't hear my kids complaining about and saying "mommy, we're melting... we need air-conditioning..." hahaha!

Even on the boat tour, they decided to stay indoor where there's air-conditioning rather than stand on the deck and view the lovely city of Miami.

Hello from Miami, Florida!

We're on our 6th day here in South Beach Miami and we're enjoying the weather, the food and the shopping! The next 2 days will be hectic as it involves a lot of driving for us.

Anyway, while shopping, I was telling my daughter to start looking around as to how other girls are dressed or even just looking at mannequins. I believe she can be tall enough to be a model someday. I told her she can wear designer clothes and shoes and they are going to be free. But she said "I don't want people looking at me."

Traffic on the runway

On our connecting flight to Miami, we got held up in Houston due to the storm... According to the pilot, there's like close to 20 planes waiting to depart... luckily, we are the second one on queue.

Miami, here we come

We're off to Miami, Florida... it's going to be our first time there, and we are all excited! Finally, we get to hit the beach!!! We've been to the side of Orlando and Tampa a few times before, but never been to the south part of it. We're praying for a good weather, all week long.

Hubby is going on a conference and since the hotel and car are already paid for by the company, we decided to tag along. It's also a week long celebration of our 16th year of blissful marriage with our 2 precious kids. ",)

16 and counting...

It's not going to bed with someone that proves you love them,
it's waking up with them every morning and facing life's challenges together.

I remember the 2nd day after we got married, I woke up and got startled by having somebody besides me. And then, after a few seconds, I realized that I am married and that I was waking up to the most beautiful man beside me.

Now, 16 years later, I still love waking up next to him... as we faced parenthood together.

To my hubby: You complete me and I love you with all my heart. Happy 16th Anniversary!!!

Litratong Pinoy: Masarap [Delicious]

My favorite dish during summer and picnic time...
my friends love it too...


16 seems to be a bad number for a few of my friends and colleagues. My BFF here got separated after 16 years of being married. My other friend's husband started fooling around on their 16th year, now separated. Another friend's daughter got pregnant at age 16. And a fellow blogger also got separated after 16 years of marriage...

I wanted to skip our 16th anniversary and go straight to 17th. I don't need any jinx this year.