Ford Explorer in Legoland

It was so hard to take a photo of this without people... It was just swamp with people all day long.

It took more than 380,000 brightly colored plastic Lego blocks to make a full-size version of the Explorer, part of a promotion between Ford and a new Legoland theme park in Florida. Twenty-two designers worked on the project, and it ended up weighing as much as a car: 2,654 pounds with a 768-pound interior aluminum base.

Check this video out... it shows the time-lapse view of how they build the Ford Explorer.

Ford even have driving school for kids under 12. These kids get to drive a motorized Lego car with traffic lights and signs. And if they follow all the rules they can get a license after.

My daughter got hers! She's very proud of it too!

Legoland Florida, October 2011

Little Havana in Legoland

Miami consists of 68% Spanish speaking people....

A vibrant Hispanic culture permeates everything in Little Havana, Miami — colorful murals, monuments to heroes past and present, elderly men playing dominoes as they discuss politics, and cigar rollers deeply at work amidst Little Havana’s ever-present aroma of Cuban coffee. These scenes of daily Little Havana, Miami life play out amidst a backdrop of Little Havana's pulsating music, vibrant storefronts, unique art galleries and quaint restaurants.

Legoland Florida, October 15, 2011

Next post will be really cool... it's all about a Ford Explorer made of Lego and weighs as heavy as a real one.

San Francisco and Hollywood in Legoland

Golden Gate Bridge, Crooked Road and Victorian Houses in San Francisco

Hollywood Bowl and Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

T13: Food trip @ South Beach Miami

What I love about going on a vacation?
I don't have to cook!
No washing the dishes.
No laundry or ironing of clothes.
No vacuuming or sweeping the floors.
No house chores. Period.

Fine Dining @ Scarpetta, FontaineBlue Miami Beach
Cod fish and Lobster
I am so glad our dinner was FREE! I couldn't afford to pay for our orders.

P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro
Lettuce Wrap - the best!!!

Shinju Japanese Buffet

Five Napkins Burger

Sazon Cuban Cuisine [My most favorite of all! We even went there twice.]

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Key West in Legoland

I was so amazed at how they created Miniland! These are miniature of the real thing and they are all made out of Legos. I told my son that he could be a builder of Legos when he grows up. He is still into this up to now and his creativity comes out.

Legoland Florida, October 15, 2011

More of these series in the next few posts....

Washington DC in Legoland

Do you recognized Obama and his family standing outside the White House? So cool and so creative, isn't it?

Legoland Florida, October 15, 2011

More pictures from Legoland to follow.....

Trivia on Miami

Did you know that the 80s TV hit series Miami Vice and CSI Miami is not shot in Miami? They were shot in California. Huh!

I learned about this from our city tour of Miami.

My whole family is sick

Sunday. First it was my daughter. She was so weak, she didn't go to school on Monday. Tuesday came and she was fine. But I was starting to feel too tired all of the sudden. Wednesday was spent in bed practically the whole day. I got the flu! I couldn't bring myself to eat nor to stand or sit up. I get dizzy. Thursday, I am a little better, but still nauseous. And again spent the whole day in bed, watching movies. Hubby started coughing too. Friday, I felt good. I even joined my friends for a lunch birthday party. Hubby is still coughing. Saturday [today], my son went to bed without dinner. That's not him at all. So I went to check up on him, and he said it's too cold. He's chilling [like I was 3 days ago]. I gave him his medicine and hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. :-(

The only thing I hate about the changing of the season is that people are more prone to sickness!

T13: South Beach Miami

I missed the beach. I loved the beach.
I missed the sights of palm trees...
Especially if you live by the mountains like me.
And our vacation last October to Miami, Florida was just perfect!
Unfortunately, my kids who grew up here, enjoyed the pool more than the beach.
We even made it to the grand opening day of LEGOLAND Florida.
We did have a lovely weather all week long, except for the last day. So can't really complain.
We just missed our chance to go see the Key West. But there will be next time...

Next week's T13 entry will be all about our food trip.

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